A different type of web series

Simply Black and White


An interracial, age challenged, sexually fluid, emotional web series


 A new project by the creators of In the Bathroom and Malt Liquor





Chris is an African American in his fifties. He’s got his life in order. He has a successful job, a great apartment, a personal trainer, great friends but not much of a love life. After being in a long-term relationship ending with his lover dying; Chris has spent the last two years going on bad dates and deciding that it's ok to be alone. John is in his twenties, good looking, trying to find a career, and enjoying life. He’s a college graduate, recently moved to New York. John models, waits table, is a bartender, and a personal trainer. Newly single after breaking up with his college girlfriend, he is open to New York opportunities. On a typical New York summer day these two accidently meet. Neither was looking for anything, but they strike up a conversation which turns into John asking Chris out for date. There is nothing against these two guys going out on a date except Chris is gay and John is straight. Also, Chris never dated a white person and John has never dated outside his race. Chris is in his fifties and John is in his twenties. Did I mention that Chris is gay, and John is straight? Do they have a future?



Evan Wynkoop and Chris Long.

They have collaborate on several projects including two web series and one feature film. Both New York residents and try to come up with modern projects the reflect the mood of the world!



If you want more information about this project or would like to contribute to Season Two. Please contact us at chrslng25@gmail.com